• Scanalyzer 3D

  • Scanalyzer HTS

  • Scanalyzer PL

  • Scanalyzer Field

  • Laser Transmitter Dual Grade GL622/GL612

  • Laser transmitter single Grade (AG401)

  • Laser Plain Receiver (LR410)

  • Laser Plain Receiver (LR40)

  • Control Box (AG CB2ETD)

  • Control Box (CB40)

  • Control Box CB60

  • Bucket Scrapper for Laser Land Leveler

  • WM Drain


  • Farm Works View

Welcome to SPL Technologies...

SPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the first to introduce the technology of Laser Land Leveling of Farm Fields/Lands in. India. We are in the field of manufacturing/exporting Agriculture Machines & Tools like Laser Land Leveler (also known as Level Master), Plot Combines, Combine for Multiplications, Plot Seeders, Single Row Seeders, Precision Plot Seeders, Plot Tractor and more. It has been researched that use of our latest technology agriculture machines & tools helps in increasing the Yield, saving of water, saving of Energy.
Enriched with sound industry experience, we have emerged as a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Agriculture Tools and Machines.

  • Plant Phenomics/ Phenotyping
  • Precision Agricultural